NCPC Descriptions of the GATS Sectoral Classification List Entries

W120 6-D Environmental services/ Other
中文 其他
UNCPC 說明 Even though the “other” category does not explicitly refer to any CPC items, it presumably includes the remaining elements of the CPC environmental services category:

cleaning of exhaust gases (CPC 9404)

Emission monitoring and control services of pollutants into the air, whether from mobile or stationary sources, mostly caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Concentration monitoring, control and reduction services of pollutants in ambient air, especially in urban areas.

noise abatement services (CPC 9405)

Noise pollution monitoring, control and abatement services, e.g. traffic-related noise abatement services in urban areas.

nature and landscape protection services (CPC 9406)

Ecological system protection services, e.g. of lakes, coastlines and coastal waters, dryland, etc., including their respective fauna, flora and habitats. Services consisting in studies on the interrelationship between environment and climate (e.g. greenhouse effect), including natural disaster assessment and abatement services. Landscape protection services not elsewhere classified.

Exclusion: Forest and damage assessment and abatement services are classified in group 881 (Services incidental to agriculture, hunting and forestry).

other environmental protection services not included elsewhere (CPC 9409)

Other environmental protection services not elsewhere classified, e.g. acidifying deposition ("acid rain") monitoring, controlling and damage assessment services.